Challenge Course

A Powerful Place

A challenge course is about far more than adrenalin pumping fun, though it does include that. On our challenge course we focus on three primary goals. All of which can lead to life changing experiences.

  • Develop or improve teamwork skills and group bonding
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills
  • Provide each guest with a set of mental tools that will enable them to face any challenge or fear in the future. These tools are observed and practiced by our guests as they battle their fear of heights, one of the most common human fears.

Participation in all activities is by choice. Our facilitators will encourage each guest to face their fears and overcome them using the tools we outline for them. But the guest is always in control, and is never forced to go beyond what they agree to do.

The course includes three segments. Segments can be used individually or combined with others for a longer program.

  • The Team Challenge Course includes group games and activities on the ground or on cables and ropes suspended on telephone poles. Participants are usually no more than three feet off the ground. Most activities require team work to complete the challenge. Group size must be between 8 and 14.
  • The High Challenge Course is based on a set of cables, ropes and beams secured to telephone poles. Activities are about equally split between team challenges and individual challenges. Most of these activities take place about 20 feet off the ground. All activities require safety harnesses and helmets, which we provide. A minimum of 8 participants is required to open this course.
  • The Climbing Wall/Zip Line is a 42 foot high platform, reached via rock climbing walls or a ladder system. Descent is via a 300-foot zip line. This is a personal challenge and requires safety harnesses and helmets, which we provide. A minimum of 9 participants is required to open this event.

Full-day events can include all three courses. Half-day events typically include only one course. Use of the Climbing Wall and Zip Line may be incorporated into a ropes course program or scheduled separately. Half-day is approximately 3 hours in duration. Full-day is approximately 7 hours including a lunch break.